During the 2007 legislative session the Mississippi Senate passed a voter ID bill. The bill was then sent to the Democrat controlled House, where it suffered a slow death by neglect. The House Apportionment and Elections Committee got the Bill on 14 February and could not find time to act upon it prior to the end of the legislative session.

The obvious purpose of this Bill was to prevent (or at least reduce) voter fraud. Who could be against voter fraud? What reason could one have for opposing a reduction in voter fraud?

Is it unreasonable to require voters to identify themselves prior to voting. When is the last time Wal-Mart cashed your check without positively identifying you by checking your picture ID? The legislature could require retailers to cash checks without proper identification. Why hasn’t it done so? It would seem to me that preventing voter fraud should have at least as high a priority as protecting Wal-Mart from bad checks.

No one should be allowed to vote without positively identifying himself. That will usually require some sort of State approved picture ID. Most people have Drivers’ licenses, but not everyone. How will we provide positive identification to people who do not drive? I suggest that the State provide for new, tamper proof Voter Registration Cards with picture IDs. Each Clerk’s office could be provided the sort of small ID card camera used by the State Police for drivers’ licenses, by educational institutions for student IDs, and by company personnel offices for employee IDs. The cost to the voter would be nil, and the cost to the County or State would be minimal. The benefit would be infinite. One really cannot put a dollar value on an honest election.