Earth is getting a little warmer with the passage of time. Global Warming enthusiasts claim that it is getting a lot warmer, that man is the cause, and that if man does not reverse the trend all sorts of horrible disasters await us in the very near future. It strikes me as somewhat arrogant on man’s part to think that he can have that kind of effect on the Earth.

Al Gore has made global warming into a career. His movie about an inconvenient “truth” is the holy writ of the movement. This latter day scripture, however, seems to ignore a few inconvenient facts: 1) Earth has been going through warming and cooling phases for as long as it has existed. When someone claims that the Earth is the warmest it has been in 500 years, the inconvenient fact is that 500 years ago it was warmer; and that warmer period was not due to excessive SUV utilization. 2) While the Earth is warmer now than it was a hundred years ago, most of the warming occurred before 1940; and for a while between 1940 and 1970 it was getting cooler. 3) Mars is also getting warmer. Its polar ice cap is shrinking. If that is due to Martians driving SUVs, we have been unable to detect that fact from Earth. 4) The Sun is getting hotter. It goes through phases of heating up and cooling down. That is the cause of Earth’s ice ages and warm periods, and it is quite likely the cause of the warming trends on Earth and Mars.

We are told that it is the consensus of “science” that the Earth is warming and that man is the culprit. Scientific fact is not determined by majority vote. There is no such thing as a scientific consensus. The scientific method starts with a theory (which is what manmade global warming is), subjects the theory to experimentation, and attempts to discover empirical fact. If empirical fact is discovered anyone anywhere can perform the same experiment and get the same result every time. There is no room for a consensus of opinion. The global warming movement is not science, it is religion. Someone has crafted a somewhat plausible explanation for observed phenomena and others have accepted that explanation on faith.

Why is all this important? In the 1990s a treaty on global warming was signed in Kyoto, Japan. That treaty provided that “greenhouse gasses” had to be reduced. Each country was assigned an amount to be reduced. Developing countries, including China were to be exempt. I don’t know whose idea it was to sign this treaty, but, thankfully, President Clinton had the good sense not to send it to the Senate for ratification. Compliance with that treaty would have resulted in a considerable economic hardship for the United States, reduced our standard of living, and hurried the day when China catches up to and passes our economic output.

Various people preach the global warming gospel for various reasons: some are true believers (the fuzzy thinking crowd), some smell a buck to be made (no matter how bad things get, there will always be some way to make a profit), and some think the United States is too powerful, too rich, and too arrogant, and just want to bring it down a notch or two. We would be well advised not to let that happen.