Some while back, I read a newspaper article which advocated the formation of a new country carved from the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. For a long while I’ve thought that our insistence on diversity and the promotion of bilingual education was headed in that direction. Still, it was a shock actually seeing the suggestion in print.

One might legitimately ask why anyone would want to form this new nation, and who would benefit from its formation. If the flood of illegal immigration is stanched and legal immigrants are absorbed into American society, there should be very few people interested in the Republica del Norte. If, however, illegal immigration continues to fill the country with a large number of people who can’t speak English, who live at the margins of society, and who are ripe for economic exploitation, there may well be some support for a new country. As for who would benefit, you need look no further than the self appointed leaders of the “hispanic” community. They could expect to be the officials of a new government.