The people of Mississippi are fairly conservative. I believe that most Mississippians are in favor of traditional marriage and better education through school choice. I believe that most Mississippians are against abortion and illegal immigration. I believe that most Mississippians do not believe that voting fraud is good for Mississippi. I believe that most Mississippians believe in the values embodied in Judeo-Christian morality.

The Mississippi Senate is controlled by Republicans and represents the beliefs of most Mississippians as outlined above. The Mississippi House is controlled by Democrats and does not represent the values of most Mississippians. Why then do Mississippians keep voting these House Democrats into office? In my opinion, these Democrats keep getting elected by hiding their core values from their constituents.

There are several ways that a Representative can promote one set of values by his votes while appearing to his constituents to embrace exactly the opposite values. The recent abortion vote in the legislature is a prime example of this sort of duplicity. The Republican Senate voted to ban all abortions in Mississippi except in cases of rape, incest, or when necessary to save the life of the mother. This was done in order to force the abortionists to petition a court for a declaration that the law is unconstitutional, thereby opening an appeal route to the U.S. Supreme Court and giving that court a chance to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The Democrat controlled House passed the Bill, but with an amendment. The final legislation bans abortions only if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe. This allows the Democrat legislators to tell their constituents that they voted to ban abortions when they did no such thing. If all fifty states passed the same “antiabortion” legislation, abortion could never be outlawed because no state would ever have a law that had to be attacked in court by the abortionists. There would be no way to get the matter before the U.S. Supreme Court. When a Democrat legislator tells you he is against abortion, ask him if he voted for the amendment to the Senate Bill. If he did, he is not against abortion. He is just trying to hide his pro-abortion values from his constituents.

Another way to appear conservative to one’s constituents while supporting radical values is to avoid votes on controversial issues. Senate Bill 2123 would have required people applying for state benefits to prove that they were lawful residents of the state. I believe that most Mississippians would be in favor of that requirement. The House Democrats were not in favor of it. How could they prevent this matter from becoming law without going on record as opposing it? Simple. Send it to a committee whose Democrat majority members would not act on it. It simply died from inattention at the end of the legislative session. The Democrats successfully killed the measure without having to go on record as voting against it.

The same fate befell the Voter ID Bill. This Bill was designed to prevent voter fraud. Who could be against preventing voter fraud? Why would anyone be against preventing voter fraud? The House Democrats were apparently against preventing voter fraud; I will leave it to the reader to try to figure out why they would be against it. The Bill was sent to the unfriendly Apportionment and Elections Committee, where it died a slow and painful death by neglect. Can anyone give a good reason why a picture ID should not be required to cast a vote? You can’t buy a pack of cigarettes or a can of beer without showing a picture ID. Is voting less important than buying beer and cigarettes?

You might also be interested in two 2006 session Senate Bills killed by locking them away in Democrat controlled committees: 2427 would have allowed teachers to discuss Intelligent Design in the classroom. Apparently someone thinks that your children must be protected from the notion that the universe did not create itself by accident. 2716 would have required that abstinence, education and fetal awareness and education be taught in high school sex education classes. Apparently, the Democrat House Leadership did not want your teenage daughter’s mind to be harmed by the thought of abstaining from sexual activity, and did not want her to know that a fetus is a tiny human. These acts represent the values of the Democrats you have sent to Jackson. Are they your values? I suspect not.

The Democrats’ control of the House is thwarting the will of the electorate by bottling up needed legislation in committees and by amending legislation so that it appears to be something that it is not. The only solution to this problem is the election of more Republicans to the House.

When a Democrat tells you that he believes in traditional values and does not support the extreme liberal views of his national party, do not be taken in. A vote for a Mississippi Democrat is a vote for the radical left wing of the Democrat party. If you do not believe that, ask the Democrats who have been denied a place on their party’s primary ballot because they did not support liberal Democrats in the last election.