Democrats are an interesting lot. No one can accuse them of not being consistent. They consistently push for higher taxes even when experience shows that such taxation will result in harm to the economy and will actually reduce government revenue. The government does have to collect some tax money. The government has some legitimate duties that must be paid for, such as protection of our borders and our citizens, but as government expands into other areas it soaks up money that could better be used to grow the economy.

Every tax dollar collected is a dollar less that can be used to start or expand a business that will produce goods, and services, and jobs. The socialists among the Democrats see no problem in taking money out of the economy to feed the government juggernaut. It is their contention that the government can provide services and jobs, and maybe even some goods. They claim, for example, that healthcare would be more efficient in the hands of the government. Does anyone remember the recent trouble at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington? Does anyone really want those Walter Reed bureaucrats in charge of all of the country’s health care? Evidence of the government’s inefficiency and incompetence never seems to suggest to Democrats that more and bigger government might produce more inefficiency and incompetence.

The Democrats are indeed consistent. They are consistently wrong and consistently unable to learn from their mistakes.