Democrats are an interesting lot. No one can accuse them of being inconsistent. They never seem to be embarrassed by being wrong; and in the field of foreign affairs, they are consistently wrong. For some reason they are proud of having caused the collapse of South Viet Nam. The United States entered the war under a Democrat administration and followed a strategy designed by Democrats. When that strategy dragged the war on for an extended period of time, Walter Cronkite decided that victory was impossible and the press began to press for giving up. Since a Republican was by then in the White House, the Democrats joined the chorus of defeat. The U.S. negotiated a peace with the North Vietnamese communists and pulled out. Of course, the North Vietnamese had no intention of leaving the South in peace. When the Communists made their final push southward in violation of their agreement with the U.S., the Democrat controlled Congress cut off all funding to the South Vietnamese and they were overrun. As a direct result of this debacle, millions (yes, millions, not thousands, but MILLIONS) of people died in Southeast Asia. Democrats get very touchy when this is pointed out, saying that they had nothing to do with the killing fields of Cambodia, but their fingerprints are as deeply etched on the Cambodian killing fields as they are on the thousands of boat people who died trying to flee the socialist paradise of a united Viet Nam, and the thousands more who were imprisoned or executed for having been part of the South’s war effort.

In the 1980s Communism was on the move in Latin America. Nicaragua was Communist and El Salvador was about to fall. The Reagan Administration assisted the opposition forces in Nicaragua and the government in El Salvador. The Democrat controlled Congress passed laws making it impossible to fight Latin American Communism. When some Administration officials (Admiral Poindexter and Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North) circumvented those laws, they suffered criminal prosecution. It was in spite of the Democrats in Congress that the government of El Salvador survived and the Communist Nicaraguan government fell.

When Ronald Reagan increased defense spending in the eighties, the liberal Democrats in Congress said that he was starting a new arms race that would lead to World War III. Actually, he was spending the Soviet Union into bankruptcy. When President Reagan suggested building a missile defense system, the liberal Democrats in Congress ridiculed the idea and called it “star wars.” That missile defense system was the final straw that broke the back of the Soviet Union and won the cold war. Have the Democrats ever acknowledged their incompetence? Have they ever admitted that they were wrong? They count on the American public’s having a short memory, but some of us remember.

They are at it again. They remember their shameful abandonment of Viet Nam as their finest hour and are trying to repeat it in the Middle East. If we were to leave Iraq before pacifying the country, what would happen to all of the Iraqi soldiers and police who have cooperated with the U.S.? What would happen to all of the Iraqis who have run for office and participated in the government? What would happen to the people who proudly defied death threats to vote in Iraqi elections? If we leave Iraq before it is pacified there will be bloodshed that will make Viet Nam look mild. One more question: If we leave Iraq before it is pacified, will the radical Islamists say, “Thank you, that’s all we wanted. We just wanted you out of here. You can go home now and not worry about us any more?”

The enemy in the Middle East is different than the enemy in Viet Nam. When we abandoned Viet Nam we abandoned many innocent people to their deaths, but the people we abandoned were foreigners on the other side of the world. The radical Islamists are a different breed than the North Vietnamese. The Islamists were attacking our citizens all around the world, and even in the United States, long before we entered Iraq. Does anyone really think that they will not continue to attack us? Right now we have got them concentrated in one place. Let’s keep them there. If the Democrats are successful in imposing their idea of foreign policy we will be in a world of hurt.

In addition to the obvious problems we will have with Islamist attacks here in the United States should we prematurely withdraw from Iraq, there is an even more serious reason for staying the course in that unfortunate country. Eventually, if western civilization is to survive, radical Islam will have to be confronted. At some time in the near or distant future, even liberal Democrats will realize that our backs will be against the wall and that we must fight because flight is no longer possible. When that happens, we will need some help, and it may not be forthcoming. We were an unreliable ally of the South Vietnamese and many of them died because they trusted us. If we do the same thing to the Iraqis we may not ever again find anyone willing to throw his lot in with ours.

Democrats are indeed consistent. They are consistently wrong, and consistently unable to learn from their mistakes.