ABORTION. In the last legislative session the Republican Controlled Senate passed three Bills relating to the issue of abortion:
1) S2795 would have banned all abortions except in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother. The purpose was to provide a vehicle for the U.S. Supreme Court’s reconsideration of Roe v. Wade. Some State has to pass such a law in order for the pro-abortion forces to challenge it in court and eventually get to the Supreme Court on appeal. The Democrat controlled House amended the bill and folded it into another piece of legislation which became law. However, before letting it out of the House they emasculated it by adding a proviso that it would not be enforceable until the Supreme Court overrules Roe. The Democrats thereby got to look like they were passing abortion legislation without really doing so. If every State were to pass an antiabortion law like ours Roe would be safe forever because there would never be a law for the abortionists to challenge, and therefore no appeal could ever reach the Supreme Court.
2) S2801 would have required that a pregnant woman would have to be given a chance to see a sonogram of, and listen to the heartbeat of, her child 24 hours prior to an abortion. The Democrat controlled House also emasculated this Bill before folding it into other legislation which became law. The Democrats removed the 24 hour provision, thus making it easy for an abortionist to put the mother’s waiver of her right to see and hear the child into a stack of waivers and releases routinely signed just before any medical procedure. There would be no time to reflect on the enormous step about to be taken, even assuming that the mother realized what she was signing as she went hurriedly through the stack of papers.
3) S2391 provided for court orders in place of parental consent when minors seek an abortion. This measure made it through unscathed and was the Bill into which the other two were folded.

ABORTION VOTES. The combined Bill passed 97 to 16 in the House, and 49 to 2 in the Senate.

DISTRICT 5 ABORTION VOTE. The Representative for District 5 could not find it in his heart to approve even a watered down antiabortion Bill, and was one of the 16 House members voting against the measure.