(Racial Divisions)



I recently read something in a newspaper which I find more than a little disconcerting. It supposedly quoted a politician running for national office. Not having been present at the time of the reported statement, I don’t know whether the politician actually said it or not. It has been my personal experience that newspapers get things wrong a lot more often than they ought. The statement was this:

And that means asking yourself the basic questions about, you know, when was the last time you had a discussion about race with somebody of another race? If it’s never, then you’re part of the problem.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, this is the sort of nonsense, up with which people ought not put. Race will cease to be a problem in this country when people stop talking about it. Race will cease to be a problem when everyone considers himself to be an American, and not some sort of hyphenated hybrid. If you spend a lot of time thinking about race and talking about race, you are a racist. You don’t have to champion your own race to be a racist; you just have to keep stirring the pot with a race based stick.

Diversity is not our strength. It is our weakness. If this nation is to survive, it must survive as a melting pot. We must have a common surface culture that pervades society. If immigrants (or their descendants) wish to keep alive the culture of their homelands they can do so, but as a secondary, subsurface culture. I should be able to study Gaelic or take Dutch folk dancing lessons in the church basement on the weekends without feeling the need to walk the streets in a kilt or wear wooden shoes to the office.

If we insist on indoctrinating our young with tales of their victimization, we will someday reap the bitter harvest of that effort. Dividing our people into clearly defined interest groups is a recipe for disaster. Balkan diversity was an example to us all so long as the Balkans had a strong totalitarian government in the hands of a few materialistic pragmatists who could keep the lid on the boiling pot. That government is gone, and the lid is off. Balkan diversity today should, more than ever, be an example to us all.

Why do we insist on dividing our people? Is it just the result of fuzzy thinking feelgooders spreading social theories that have not been completely thought through? Is it to anyone’s advantage to balkanize the country? I don’t think that anyone could possibly consider balkanization to be in the long term interest of the nation or its people, or in the interest of succeeding generations. Could sowing the seeds of division offer any present advantage to anyone? I think we need to look at the people who are touting the virtues of diversity. We need to identify these people and then analyze what, if any, personal gain they might realize from their efforts. If no personal gain can be found, they should be ignored as fuzzy thinkers. If, on the other hand, we discover that sowing the seeds of dissension is providing the sower with political power and/or a six or seven figure income that he could not otherwise earn, it is time to denounce the dastard.